We travelled all through the Americas, Europe and Asia to find a cotton that would make the best sheets on Earth. We landed in the cradle of cotton, its birthplace, the majestic land of India, where cotton was first made in the fifth century BC.

Our cotton is grown organically and produced in an organic certified plant. Our threads are milled from compact long-staple fibers which are softer because fewer ends are exposed. The longstanding, classic percale weave means one thread under, one over, which makes the sheet breath better. 

Topless sheets are made to be crisp and cool, light weight and thin for extra air permeability and moisture wicking.

A NOTE ON THREAD COUNT: There's been a lot of hype lately about thread count. Hype that has led people to think more is better. It's not. More threads means denser cotton, means more heat, means less comfort. We believe 300 thread count is the sweet spot. 'The hand' is soft and supple,  its density just right for cool breathability and durability. 

We think Topless sheets will be your new favorites, giving you the dreamiest nights, afternoons, mornings, whenever's of your life!