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Hey! Gio and Tim here! There are two things we're both passionate about 1) comfort blissed-out beds and  2) not following rules. 

We started Topless to offer people beautiful bedding WITHOUT the silly top sheet you don't use or want. We created simple patterns in three color sets because we thought it would be fun to let people pick individual pieces and do fool-proof mix and matching. Or keep things easy and buy a curated set with one click. 

Every pattern, color, shape and construction style was designed by us in our little high rise studio in Chicago. 

The organic cotton fabric was sourced and sewn by our good  friend Shashi Nangia in New Delhi. Shashi founded and runs one of the only female owned textile companies (now specializing in organics) in India, and has for over 30 years. 

When the pandemic hit it seemed more true than ever that this whole 'Topless' idea could become a way of life. Look around, what else could you eliminate that you don't really need? Where else could you make your life simpler and give yourself more time and energy to do more important things, like learning the ukelele, making cupcakes...or sleeping more!




3200 N. Lake Shore Drive #808

Chicago IL 60657