Europeans have never used them. Most of Asia doesn't either. In the States more and more people admit to going without one.

The top sheet. After years of being forced to buy one with every bedding set (only to have it end up in a foot-trapping knot at the end of your bed, or worse, communing with dust bunnies on the floor) we decided to break the rules and offer people beautiful bedding WITHOUT a top sheet. 

Without a top sheet you can make your bed in half the time, even when you're in it,  you save money because you're buying one less thing you don't need and you save water and energy because you're not washing something you're not even using.

Our duvet is our 'top.' And it is... tops. It's made of two luxury 300ct organic cotton percale top sheets so you have the same cool, comforting top sheet feel against your skin. We constructed it to be uber-easy to fill, with end to end zippers and ties on all four interior corners, here's how. 

Not to worry, there are lots of uses for those silly top sheets: ghost costumes, drop cloths, tournequettes for war reenactments, toga parties!